Class review

Here you can navigate to a review of each class.  

Please click on the week you would like to review and you will be shown photos of Scott demonstrating the movements.  Scott has also included a brief description of the concepts taught for the week.  Weeks in yellow have not yet been posted.  Each week will be posted after the class is taught.

Each person has a different comfortable range of motion in each joint.  Make appropriate adjustments to the movements to accommodate your comfortable range of motion. Commonly , the foot position should be adjusted as needed to accommodate your personal range of motion.  No movement should cause you pain, if it does STOP. 

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Section One Animation

As an additional learning tool, the web site now has an animation of Scott demonstrating section One of the form.  The animation is separated into 30 second segments.  I have broken the form into these 30 second increments to keep the download time manageable.  Each 30 second segment can take as long as 5 minutes to download.   You can save the animation files to your hard drive, but you will need to view them using your web browser or a GIF animation viewer.  

So if you are ready to see Scott perform section one of the form click on the segment you want to see.

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