Sifu Kurland's Soaring Crane Workshop

Some pictures from Sifu Kurland's Soaring Crane Ch'i kung (qi gong) Workshop

sc-1.jpg (21313 bytes)The class was held at the UCR Student Center, in one of the multipurpose rooms.   These rooms are a great place to learn T'ai Chi.  There is plenty of space, natural light, and mirrors in front and behind you for a perfect view of your instructor.  

Sifu Kurland started with an overview of the class, distribution of written instructions, and warm-ups.



 sc-3.jpg (21345 bytes)

sc-2.jpg (16408 bytes)Sifu Kurland gave detailed instruction on each movement. Including information on the application, and Chinese medical theory behind each movement as it applied.  He gave ample time for questions and practice. 

The Class was two and a half hours with a break after about an hour.

A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!