T'ai Chi Workshops

Harvey Kurland has announced that he will be conducting the following workshops

Sifu Kurland is Scott's instructor.  

WORKSHOP - Ch'i Kung at the UCR Student Recreation.  Soaring Crane Ch'i kung (qi gong) and other ch'i kung will be presented. No Dates Available
WORKSHOP - Walking Stick at the UCR Student Recreation Center.   Review of Tchoung walking stick and introduction to the "Three Powers" walking stick form and other exercises. Bring a short, straight and light stick. If in doubt check with the instructor. No Dates Available
WORKSHOP - Knife Self-Defense the next step with Sensei Toma Rosensweig at the UCR Student Recreation Center.  Age 16 and up only. No Dates Available
WORKSHOP - T'ai Chi Sword (See Chien or Gim) at the UCR Student Recreation Center.  Straight double edged traditional "Scholars" sword form. Very graceful and elegant. Must bring a straight sword. Sunday July 30th, 2000
1:00 to 3:30 PM
Call (909) 787-5738